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Information, Advice and Guidance Policy

Abbey Access Training provides advice and guidance as part of all its learning programmes and to visitors to the Centre who need help..

Our IAG policy and practices ensure that:

Strategic aims and objectives are identified and targets established for the development and delivery of the service

  • Effective and systematic referral routes enable all learners and potential learners to access specialist Advice and Guidance services delivered through other providers/partners

  • All staff are aware of IAG and how it can be accessed

  • Pre-course IAG is easily and quickly accessible to all young people, adults/learners at the Centre

  • IAG is available throughout all stages of learning

  • IAG is appropriate to the individual’s or group’s identified needs

  • The delivery of IAG is recorded and monitored

  • A comprehensive, up-to-date and wide range of resources is maintained

  • Access to professional development ensures that staff are suitably trained and competent to deliver the service

  • Evaluation of the service is undertaken regularly in order to inform continuous improvement in provision

Our IAG will be delivered in a variety of ways:

  • Information and signposting by Centre front-line staff

  • Information and signposting by Tutors to learners on their courses to aid individuals to progress into Employment, Further Learning, Voluntary work or work experience

  • Information and signposting by Tutors as part of the ‘Learner Review’ process

  • Visits by IAG staff to groups and individuals in the local area, particularly those from underrepresented groups

  • Information and signposting through promotional events

  • Effective referral to third party providers, for further advice and guidance services

  • Continuous support and guidance to learners who have progressed, but may continue to need support within their progression/destination

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